HYPE: Discussion Guidelines

How do people unite in times of change and while trying to promote change?


The HYPE discussions will be held in a Socratic Seminar form. Every group will have a facilitator to keep the group on track and lead the way, but that does not mean that there are no rules for the participants as well.


Things to Exercise:

  • Type your name in the chat before you wish to speak, so everyone knows who is speaking next

  • Allow time for others to contribute to the discussion

  • Remain open to other’s ideas

  • If you disagree with someone, politely express that and give evidence or reasoning behind why you disagree

  • Listen to others and show that you are listening

  • Keep an open mind, you may hear a new opinion that you have not considered before


Things to Avoid:

  • Arguments

  • Singling someone out

  • Belittling tones

  • Ganging up on one discussion member

  • Controlling the discussion

  • Interrupting others


Things to Try:

  • Take notes so you can loop back to a previous topic, statement, or idea

  • Pose probing or clarifying questions

  • Build off of others

  • Use the sub-essential questions to continue the conversation

  • Refer to your personal experience and/or background information from your everyday life

  • Push other’s thinking by providing a different opinion

  • Use quotes and/or resources to support your claims and ideas

  • Ask others to elaborate on their ideas or to explain more