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Annual Hope For Gus Fundraiser Week 

The beginning of Souhegan's year is kicked off with a Homecoming week like many high schools, but Souhegan has a different take. We have a charity fundraiser for the Hope for Gus Foundation, which is a charity near to our hearts as the founder is a Souhegan teacher.  This week demonstrates how vibrant and thoughtful the Souhegan community can be. Ethics Forum organizes and runs all of the events with the student body, committing themselves to make a difference. The students cheer on the Souhegan Football team in a colorful display of school pride, and we raise thousands of dollars to support the Hope for Gus Foundation every year.


This year we're having Hope For Gus Month!

Due to COVID-19, the schedule for this year's HFG week was limited. So we're expanding it to the whole month of October! We're selling shirts to show support all month at any of the games happening and wherever you might be staying safe!

Virtual Hope For Gus Race:

We're holding a virtual Hope For Gus Run from October 20 to October 31! You can safely walk, bike, or run a 5k wherever you are. The entry fee is $25 which goes to the Hope for Gus Foundation, and all participants will be entered into our prize raffle. Sign up here on our RunReg and support a good cause!

Hope For Gus Foundation

The Hope for Gus Foundation (HFG) was started by a Souhegan teacher, Steve Dreher, and his wife Tonya when their son Gus was diagnosed with Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy. Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy or DMD is the most severe form of muscular dystrophy and causes the weakening of muscles. It is a recessive genetic mutation on the X Chromosome which means it affects almost exclusively boys.


Unfortunately, DMD severely impacts the lifespan of those who are afflicted by this disease. Right now, there is no cure or truly effective treatment. However, there have been many promising breakthroughs in research. The Hope for Gus Foundation has made it their mission to educate the public about this disease and raise money for research. Through these actions, HFG hopes to work together with the Souhegan High School Ethics Forum to improve the lives of all young boys living with DMD! To learn more and donate, go to


Ethics members making the 2019 HFG game even sweeter!


Children with DMD that Hope For Gus helps

What Hope For Gus Fundraising Looks Like at SHS...