About Ethics Forum & Souhegan High School


Our Mission

Our Mission is to offer opportunities for all high school students throughout New Hampshire to broaden their worldview, to develop ethical leadership skills, to give back to their own communities, and to participate in meaningful philosophical dialogue. Additionally, we want students to transform those conversations into active ethical leadership. Ethics Forum projects directly correlate with the mission of Souhegan High School, which is "to be a community of learners born of respect, trust, and courage." 


Our History

Here's a little more about how Ethics Forum, and the events it's known for, came to be...


Souhegan High School is not your typical school. Founded in 1992 with strong influence from Theodore R. Sizer, a former dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Souhegan's goal was to produce strong, well-rounded students of the 21st century. Learn more about Souhegan in the section below.


The Souhegan High School Ethics Forum started with twelve seniors. This student-centered and directed group, now numbering close to forty members, committed itself to an innovative vision based on a series of important goals. The Forum focused on the furthering of active citizenship through volunteer work, the development of critical thinking skills practiced both in and outside of the classroom, the enhancement of philosophy education opportunities for all high school students, and the expansion of programs for high school students to engage in humanities-based discussions. The commitment to this overall vision as well as special attention given to the last objective created a series of initiatives that are grounded in Souhegan High School’s founding educational tenets.


A Souhegan High School student created a senior project which would become one of the biggest youth conferences in the northeast, HYPE. The students of Souhegan Ethics Forum see that the world, now more than ever, needs change. Our goal is to help others learn the skills and use the tools we have to go out and make change happen. Learn more about HYPE, here.


The Souhegan Athletic Department and football team wanted to help the Hope For Gus Foundation, whose founder is a Souhegan teacher, raise money so they decided to create a charity football game. Ethics Forum is the group of students who decided to take on the challenge of making it an incredible event for the whole community each fall. Learn more about the Hope For Gus Game, here.


Our School

It's simple... respect, trust, courage. These are words that Souhegan lives by as they wish to instill these values in their students by empowering their voice and creating a supportive community. Our mission follows that of Souhegan's, which states;

"We consciously commit ourselves:

  • To support and engage an individual's unique gifts, passions, and intentions. 

  • To develop and empower the mind, body, and heart. 

  • To challenge and expand the comfortable limits of thought, tolerance, and performance. 

  • To inspire and honor the active stewardship of family, nation, and globe."

Souhegan Cooperative High School (SHS) is a progressive public high school, founded in 1992, that is part of the Coalition of Essential Schools and is always involved in the pioneering of education. SHS has always been a proponent of exceptional programs like our advisories, Division 1 Roundtable Exhibition, Senior Project, and the use of Socratic Seminars. We're also in the process of transitioning to competency-based learning and grading. To learn more about our school and unique founding documents like the Souhegan Six, go to www.sau39.org/shs.

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