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Ethics Forum is a student-run extra-curricular program that is committed to changing the way society views leadership, student voice, and education. Over the past ten years, we have hosted numerous leadership events and conferences to empower students and share our vision with others. With the help of over 80 local high schools and colleges in the New England area, we have been able to spread our message that the youth has valuable ideas on how to create a more ethical world. 

We are known for hosting and participating in a wide range of local, state, and regional events including the HYPE (Hosting Young Philosophy Enthusiasts) Conference, the LEAP (Leadership Empowering Authentic Progress) Conference, and we also work with local charities such as the Hope For Gus Foundation. Our involvement in these projects is a direct result of our dedication to the Ethics Forum's vision.

2018's HYPE (Hosting Young Philosophy Enthusiasts) Conference

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Ethics members making the 2019 HFG game even sweeter!

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2018's HYPE (Hosting Young Philosophy Enthusiasts) Conference

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What we do is who we are...

In the News

The projects of Ethics Forum are often written about in local news. The photo above is from a documentary made about our HYPE Conference! Read more about past events in the news below.​


More on Souhegan High School

Our work wouldn't be possible without our wonderful high school! Souhegan High School encourages student voice and the incredible faculty supports the students of Ethics Forum.

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Ethics Forum Events

We look forward to continuing our collaborative work with high schools, universities, and community institutions to plan events that highlight and practice the importance of strong ethical leadership.